Top executives are the top athletes of our economy. They bring with them a certain talent, plenty of discipline and, above all, the inner drive to succeed. But talent and discipline are not always enough to deliver top performance. So what distinguishes the successful top performers from those who never quite make it to the top?

The deciding factor is the performance delivered. Average performance leads to an average career Top performance leads to the top. Leaders only achieve top performance when they:

  • concentrate 100% on the tasks at hand,
  • make maximum use of their own strengths,
  • combine correct thinking and acting.

Executive Coaching is the key to top performance!

Dressen Coaching is your exclusive partner when it comes to top performance. We exclusively use scientifically based potential analysis methods to analyze your strengths and develop them optimally through our sustainable CTC method.


Below we present our 8 most common topics in executive coaching, training and consulting. Further below you will find more topics.

Directing communication.

You want to assert your goals more efficiently in conversations. You want to read and interpret your conversation partners better. You want to be one step ahead of others. You want to protect yourself from manipulation.

Sparring partners at eye level.

You are looking for a coach with whom you can share and discuss your ideas, strategies and thoughts in a trustworthy way. Your coach brings the necessary expertise at your executive level.


You want to become a better version of yourself. You want to develop your personality. You want to move from being a specialist to a generalist.

Recognize potential & Use strengths.

You want to tap your potential. You want to develop your strengths from your potential. You want to use your strengths in a targeted way.

Modern leadership.

You want to lead at the top without bending. You want to be able to adapt to changes more quickly. You want to motivate your employees to take more responsibility.

New role.

You want to learn how to deal with new responsibilities. You want a balanced proximity-distance to your employees. You want to start your new role as a leader with more self-confidence.

Leading in VUCA world.

You want to deal with the complexity and fast pace of today’s world more confidently. You want to lead your company with contemporary solutions. You want to better understand the VUCA world.

Conflict Management.

You want to handle conflicts with confidence. You want to recognize conflicts at an early stage. You want to support your teams in conflict situations. You want to reduce conflicts.

Here you will find an overview of further topics from the field of leadership development.

Confident Appearance: Body Language and Expression.

Emotionale Intelligenz & Empathie.

Consciously guiding Decisions.

Digitization as an Opportunity.

Intercultural Leadership & Diversity..

Preparing Exit.

Resilience – Loading Capacity.

Stress Management.

Value-based Leadership Style.

Increase and maintain Performance.

Cross-generational Leadership.

Mediation as a Leadership Style.